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Hunter's Honey

Hunter's Honey

The Hunter family has been keeping bees for over 10 years and are active beekeepers in Southeast Nebraska. Our hives flourish in areas specific for the pollinators, surrounded by alfalfa, clover and natural grass pastures with wildflowers. We work with local land owners to find set aside areas to ensure our bees have a healthy environment to thrive. Our honey is raw and unfiltered not pasteurized like some store honey! We simply use a stainless steel strainer to remove large debris (not filtered) therefore all of the natural ingredients remain intact. Because our honey is raw, it will eventually granulate or crystallize. We offer other products from our bee hives such as liquid honey, comb honey and bee wax to name just a few. Feel free to stop by and chat about the bees we would love to hear from you!      

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Direct Ordering Information:
Phone: 402-792-34520
Accepting: Credit Card, Cash, Check
Mail or Pick-up in Lincoln
Pick-up at the Sunday Farmer's Market