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ShadowBrook Farm

ShadowBrook Farm

ShadowBrook began farming in Nebraska in 1996 without the use of synthetic fertilizers, weed control, or pesticides. We practice building soil thru compost application and cover cropping. We direct market 75% at farmers' markets and personally know most customer thru interaction with them at market and social function on the farm. This year, 2019, we formed a partnership with Ian Richmond to enable a better program for the farm.

Kevin Loth & Charuth Van Beuzekom  
Ian Richmand
Ian Richmand | (530)215-7237 CSA Sign-up

Direct Ordering Information:
Ian Richmand | (530)215-7237 CSA Sign-up
Accepting: Cash/Check, Debit/Credit
On Farm Pick-up (3 mi West of Lincoln)
 - See their Facebook page and website for the online Farm Store Ordering!
Pick-up at the Sunday Farmers' Market

See their Facebook page and Utilize the  web page for the most up to date information on ordering and pick-up times.