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Spiritus Vitae Botanicals

Spiritus Vitae Botanicals

Spiritus Vitae Botanicals is a small medicinal herb farm owned and operated by Nic and Paul Saville, located just outside Lincoln, Nebraska.

They provide high quality medicinal herbs and herbal products using only natural, non-depleting farming practices to provide both the community and the land with optimal nourishment. Their herbs are grown, harvested and dried on-site in small batches to ensure the herbs going into their products are well cared for and  harvested at peak potency.

Direct Ordering Information:
402-413-1495 |
Currently available: Eggs- Chicken, Herbs, Plants, Herbal vinegars, syrups, and teas. Natural body care. Dried medicinal herbs.
Accepting: Credit Card, Cash, Paypal, Check
Offering: *Delivery, Mail (shipment), Pick-up 
*Delivery available in Lincoln for orders over $40

Contact Nic and Paul for details.