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COVID-19 Info

Contained here is the most up to date information regarding Market Operations during the time of COVID-19. 

Notes from the Market regarding COVID-19 and the new Market Guidelines. 

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we navigate this new market format. We know that we will learn and continue to make improvements from week to week. The market is not going to be our typical "fun community event". During this time of social distancing, please consider us your "Outdoor Grocery Store". We are so very excited to see you and are doing everything we can to make your grocery shopping trip efficient and pleasant all the while keeping each other safe.

The hour of 10:00 am - 11:00 am is reserved for 60+ and the Immunocompromised. Please plan to arrive at the Market at 11:00 am if this does not describe you. 

Please see the updated Map of the Market! This document contains important information on the new option for Entry and Exit.

Important things to remember before leaving your house for the Market: 
Please Click and Read Me!

In addition to the rules listed here other considerations have been made in order to allow more space between vendors to encourage social distancing. Please remember to stand at least 6 FT apart while waiting in line. Hand Sanitizing Stations will be set up through out the market. Mask use is strongly encouraged at the market. We are happy to be open and able to provide access to local food during this time. Following the rules and having a care for fellow market goers, staff and volunteers will ensure the market continues to operate in a safe manner. 

Happy (and quick) Marketing!

  • Seasonal Market Map
    Seasonal Market Map
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