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Jurena's Homegrown

Jurena's Homegrown

Growing up on the land he now farms, Dave uses of  a variety of sustainable practices and planting of companion crops. Combinig these practices with a waste not want not reuse philosophy, he is able to grow a diversity of crops on a small amount of land. Items that you will see at market from Jurena's Homegrown currently are Morel Mushrooms and Eggs. While Quail Eggs are his focus, Dave has Duck and Chicken eggs available too!

Dave studied gourmet and medicinal mushroom growing in both Wisconsin and Oregon and has been growing mushrooms in Nebraska on inoculated logs for about 10 years. Born out of a desire to provide a more consistent product to his customers, he is converting an existing building on his farm into a mushroom growing facility. He is also building a commercial kitchen that will be inspected by the health department and rented out to other vendors for use in preparing their products. 

"I call my business Jurena's Homegrown & Foraged.  I just kind of figured that Homegrown says it all.  I grow this food where I live.  This is the same food that I put on my table. I put my family name on it so you can trust that it tastes good and it's good for you. What's not homegrown, is foraged in the woods and down by the river.  I grow for my health, my family's health and the health of my community" ~ Dave Jurena

David Jurena