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Medinger's Market

Medinger's Market

 Farm Fresh to You using natural farming methods! We provide seasonal produce, jel-jam, seasoning, and apple & tomato chips for your enjoyment. USDA inspected kitchen. 

Medinger's Market started in 2008 by Don Medinger who loved growing produce and providing quality products to farmer market shoppers.  One year there was an oversupply of tomatoes and he created his signature Tomato Chips.  Don passed in 2016. His wife and son are carrying on his legacy by continuing to grow produce, which in recent years has specialized in tomatoes.  Each year more variety is added. They still use their oversupply of  tomatoes to make their Tomato Chips.  They also have (seasonally) Apple Chips, Jel-Jam, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and soon to come cucumbers and hot peppers.

Sue Medinger |

Direct Ordering Inforamtion:
Sue Medinger | 402-560-3591 
Medinger's Market Website 
Accepting: Credit Card, Cash, Paypal, Check
Offering: Delivery and Pick-up at the Sunday Farmers' Market