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Prairie Pride Poultry*

Prairie Pride Poultry*

Prairie Pride Poultry, a small pastured poultry operation, was started in 2013 with a goal of providing healthy, farm fresh eggs to consumers. Prairie Pride Poultry is situated on three acres of pasture on the northeast edge of York, Nebraska, where Rhode Island Reds truly have free range. The farm prides itself with the humane treatments of the flock; the motto is “happy hens lay healthy eggs.”

The engine of Prairie Pride Poultry is its chickens, without them the farm wouldn’t exist. The farm’s standards and practices are conducive to a happy and healthy flock. Three coops are moved around the acreage, each one having plenty of floor area, roosting space, and nesting boxes. The flock’s pasture diet is supplemented with feed that does not contain any chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts; the feed comes from only 14 miles away from a cooperative that has recently achieved HACCP Certification, the highest level of accreditation for food safety in the United States.

Prairie Pride Poultry will be at OCRFM the last week of the month starting April 27th through October with pasture raised brown eggs in various sizes.

Daniel Hromas
York, NE |